1920’s Style: Roaring Its Way Into 2013

With the release of F. Scott. Fitzgerald’s literary classic, ‘The Great Gatsby’ set to hit cinema screens in May; 1920’s references are roaring their way into 2013.

Fashion shows around the world have revealed that the Gatsby look will be on trend and ready to be embraced into our spring/summer wardrobes this year.

The 1920’s was a prosperous era filled with jazz, dancing, fine clothing and entertainment. It was a great time for the young and impetuous because modernist movements transformed the nature of society as it once was known; including fashion.


Important attributes to the 1920’s style include the renowned flapper dress, drop waists, fringing, feathers, and geometric and angular motifs.

Key to the look was sequined and beaded embellishments, palazzo pants, flared skirts, shell tops, fur and both feminine and androgynous expressions.

The Flapper image was drastic and to some, shocking. Women’s clothing and behaviour was now un-ruled and powerful.

Designers have been incorporating the bold expressions of the twenties into their collections; celebrities are being innovators of the trend and hints of it can already be seen in the general public’s fashion choices.


Wedding trends for 2013 have been inspired greatly by the flapper image and the 1920’s revival can be found in men’s fashion as well as ladies. Short suit jackets, straight and narrow trousers, and ties being key features.

036antique-IMG_6848n.tyler ss 2013

The roaring twenties was known for its association with the art-deco fad; using geometrical designs in symmetrical patterns throughout clothing and the home. Not only will we see 1920’s references in fashion apparel for 2013; art-deco elegance will also be popular in jewellery, interior design and architecture.

A modern approach to art deco style interiors will use muted pastel tones and subtle metallic detailing to give a simple, yet sophisticated and glamorous appeal.

There is a contemporary popularity for buildings integrating the art-deco design with geometric shaping and clean colours. These properties are fetching vast amounts of money as the art-deco building style becomes sought after.

Modern-art-deco-design-ideas2 artdecohome


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