Christopher Owens leaving ‘Girls’ for new horizons

Lead singer and main writer of Californian indie band ‘Girls’, Christopher Owens, announced via Twitter on July 1st that he has left the band to pursue new music projects for the future. However it is uncertain as of yet whether this is a temporary hiatus or the nail in the coffin for the band.

The band comprised of two permanent members, Owens and Chet ‘JR’ White, filling the singing/guitar and bass/production duties respectively alongside with session and touring musicians. Together they delivered a drug-induced, hazy psychedelic indie noise that paints vibrant pictures of Californian-coast living.

Having released their last album; quite controversially, on the 11th of September, ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’ – in reference to their religious cult upbringings, it was very well-received just as its predecessor, critics praising the band’s evolving sound.

We can only hope that the pair look back to reform much faster than some of the old greats have done recently.

We are currently restructuring behind the scenes

Apologies, everything will be back to normal soon!